Le Lunch 

(12:00 – 14:30)



Steak Béarnaise



Poulet Mayonaise

Thon Mayonaise

Paté Breton

Fromage Cantal

Broodje Kroket

Broodje Vegetarische Kroket



Melon & Mozzarella

Cantaloupe Melon and Buffalo Mozzarella served with Basil and Chili Oil

Salade Caesar

Little gem salad, chicken, ansjovis, bacon, parmesan, croutons and a Caesar dressing

Le Burger

Beef burger served with fried onions, sauce au camembert fondu, roasted tomatoes, salad and bacon

Le Végétarien

Chef’s Vegetarian hamburger made of lentils and beetroot served with tomato, avocado and Emmental cheese



Tarte Tatin

The famous upside down baked French apple pie served with vanilla ice cream

Fraises au Sirop de Sangria

Fresh strawberries served with a Sangria Syrup and vanilla ice cream